Trump and Kejriwal: Two sides of the same coin


Guys hold on! There’s some good news. If you are dying to meet US President-elect Donald Trump, then just observe what the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is up to. Not that he is going to get you an appointment with Trump, but just keeping a watch on his behaviour would remind you of the New York based real estate tycoon. There’s something common between Kejriwal and Trump. Both hadn’t had the experience of holding an electoral post before taking charge. Trump is on his way to the White House and the IIT alumnus is the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Now, there are other similarities between them. Both are garrulous and don’t mince words. If Trump questions Barack Obama’s origins and dreams of temporarily banning Muslims from entering USA, Kejriwal’s obsession with the anti-Narendra Modi plank never ceases to stop. And Kejriwal even doesn’t shy away from charging Modi with having taken a bribe from the Aditya Birla group when the he was the CM of Gujarat.

Now note the timing. Trump plays on the American sentiment to woo voters and it works for him. Similarly, Kejriwal cries foul and attacks Modi on corruption at a time when the latter is determined to curb corruption by demonetising. If Trump banked on his anti-Obama-Clinton agenda to make his way to the White House, why was Kejriwal waiting for years to spill the beans on Modi over an incident that took place in 2012? Why was he silent all these years?  The answer is simple: Hit when the time is ripe. Now, the question is whether Kejriwal has any solid evidence to back his claims. If at all Kejriwal fails to substantiate his allegations, he will have to face defamation charges.

Kejriwal is the CM of Delhi but left with hardly any power or responsibility. Time and again he crosses swords with Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung but his efforts come a cropper. Kejriwal talks and only talks. The smog in Delhi that affected thousand of its residents failed to elicit any concrete solution from Kejriwal. He spends most of his time looking for avenues to attack Modi.

Looking beyond New Delhi, Trump’s aggression has got him a place in the White House, but will he take the Kejriwal route? If he does, then he only ends up as a subject of entertainment and nothing else. Trump plans to deport 3 million illegal immigrants. How practical is this decision? If at all, he sticks to his plan, then chaotic situations not just in USA but also in other parts of the world are imminent.

Our Kejriwal Saab has his eyes set on Modi and parties that oppose him. One after another, his MLAs court controversy, and he blames it on the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the centre for having an agenda against his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). If Trump calls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founders of the ISIS, Kejriwal takes one step ahead by placing the corrupt tag on India’s PM besides innumerable vitriolic attacks on the latter.

Both Trump and Kejriwal, have made some serious allegations that quite often are bereft of any logic, but the theatrics are meant to make political capital. Trump’s victory is an evidence of the calculated move he took to win the US Presidential Elections, when a major percentage of people shunned him in the opinion polls. The fact that the unemployed youth voted for him only proves that Trump played the right chord.

If one mocked at Trump and Kejriwal’s political immaturity, then hold it, because both are not immature leaders. Whatever they do or say has a motive. For Trump, if it’s a place in history, for Kejriwal, it’s the urge to lead the Federal Front if at all it is formed. There are too many leaders dreaming of leading the Front and it includes Mamata Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Nitish Kumar and others. Desperation, as one may perceive is given credence when Banerjee  walks that extra mile to even appeal to the Left Front to join her in the fight to oppose demonetisation which according to her is affecting the poor.

Why should Kejriwal be left behind? So, for Kejriwal, it’s an all-out effort to strengthen his position as the most powerful Modi-baiter at a time when the likes of Banerjees and Prasads are busy finding faults in Modi’s battle to fight corruption. Even if Kejriwal stays outside the Front, he will go the whole hog to showcase himself as a crusader against corruption and corrupt practices.

Kejriwal may be new to politics, but once he becomes part of it, he has to know the tricks of the trade and eye the hot seat. And he continues with his barbs at his political rivals.

Now, don’t make the mistake of calling Trump and Kejriwal political novices. They are intelligent enough to exploit the sentiments of the electorates. If USA has a Trump, India has one Arvind Kejriwal.


About digantaguha

To introduce myself, I am a journalist, blogger and have also taught Political and Sports Journalism in the Future Media School in Kolkata. I am currently working with Sports News Crunch as a Consulting Editor and as a Guest Faculty at the Techno India University. Over all, I have around 15 years of experience as a journalist having worked with esteemed publications like Hindustan Times, Business Standard, The Pioneer and others. You can contact me at Diganta Guha
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