The story of Vidya Balan from Bhalo Theko to Kahaani 2


Vidya Balan (Picture Courtesy: Zee News)

From Bhalo Theko (her debut film) to Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh, it’s been journey that has traversed through a series of ups and downs. Yet, the actress in Vidya Balan has never compromised. She has faced competition from the likes of Rani Mukerji, Kajol, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and even Alia Bhatt, but the south Indian actress has explored and experimented.

Yes, she has given duds. All her contemporaries have, yet Vidya has charted her own course in the Bad, Bad World of Bollywood.

She doesn’t have a zero figure and neither does she boast an athletic one, but the Bhalo Theko or the Parineeta girl doesn’t care whether she has worked with the three Khans (Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman). What she needs is a compact script and a chance to show her histrionic skills.

Even an aged Naseeruddin Shah and a forgotten actor like Tusshar Kapoor in The Dirty Picture give her company and the film takes the box-office by storm riding on her star power. Kahaani in 2012 was a hit. The second leg of her journey with director Sujoy Ghosh hasn’t been a dismal one so far. But the weekend will be an acid test for the film in the wake of the demonetisation drive.

However, critics have good things to say about the film.

Komal Nahta: Kahaani 2 is engaging, engrossing and entertaining. Vidya Balan is once again outstanding.

Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : Kahaani 2′s understated style and riveting core make it well worth a watch.

Mayank Shekhar, Midday: A mystery that unravels by the minute, without a moment to pause for breath, much less blink, which is saying a whole lot for a movie that’s still 2 hours plus.

Miss The first thing you will notice about Kahaani 2 is the restlessness. Sujoy Ghosh has undoubtedly made one of the best movies this year.

Nishant Bhuse, Gripping screenplay and mesmerizing performance by Vidya Balan, keeping the franchise of Kahaani flying high.

Hindustan Times: A wonderful thing about Sujoy’s film is that there is nothing grand – the situation and the characters look grounded and what makes the movie great is the realism. Kahaani 2 is must watch 4 stars.



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