The Arunachal schedule of Rangoon was tough yet a lot of fun



The video of the making of the Arunachal  Pradesh schedule in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon looks exciting. We see the cast and crew having a lot of fun in spite of facing an inclement weather. The crew is seen joking about wearing not just one, but several sweaters, jackets and even mufflers. In fact, we see a rather hilarious side of Vishal laughing incessantly when asked how he’s liking the weather, followed by the crew, who are in splits.

Shahid Kapur exclaims how this has been one of the most difficult schedules of his career and Kangana Ranaut adds how challenging this schedule has been, especially without any network and the bad weather adding to their woes!

Saif Ali Khan is in his resilient self expressing that the schedule was nice, as it always is! Even though it was not that easy a job to weather the tough conditions, yet, the entire crew had utmost fun and even the locations captured look beautiful.


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