I was going through a difficult time in my life when I was shooting for Kaabil, says Hrithik


Hrithik Roshan

Despite the clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, Kaabil with Hrithik Roshan playing a blind guy has been declared a Super-hit. And why not? The film according to box-office figures has earned Rs 121 crore at home which vis-a-vis its budget, gives it the tag of a Super-hit. And once again, Hrithik plays a physically challenged character in Kaabil, like in films like Koi… Mil Gaya, the Krrish series and Guzaarish that have earned him accolades. Of course, Guzaarish was not a box-office success, but it added to Hrithik’s repertoire as an actor. Hrithik’s performance in Kaabil has been universally applauded and it played a major part in the film’s success. “I am really glad that the film has done well but as actors we also look for something more permanent than box-office success. I was going through a difficult time in my life when I was shooting for Kaabil. I needed to fight my own limitations in order to play this character.” says Hrithik.

Rohit Mehra of Koi… Mil Gaya, Krrish and Krrish 3, Ellen Masceranhas of Guzaarish and Rohan Bhatnagar of Kaabil are performances that the audiences related to. “Perhaps I connect with these characters at some level.  It must be some sort of coincidence that I have played these characters but in each of my performances my directors helped me a lot. I have had my own struggles with my physical self.  I did stammer as a kid and I am aware how socially awkward and debilitating it can get,” Hrithik says.

Rohan in Kaabil is vulnerable as a lover and at the same time possesses qualities of an iron. “Kaabil was a different experience for me personally. Perhaps more than the accolades and the box-office success what will remain with me is an invaluable understanding. I perhaps realised for the first time that the phrase differently abled is not a polite word for disabled people. They are ACTUALLY differently abled. I didn’t play Rohan Bhatnagar as a disabled guy, I played a guy who believes in himself. My way of seeing them has changed forever,” adds the actor.

Well, there are many more waiting in the wings as Hrithik loves to raise his bar.

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