Aditi did a very good job… I remembered my journey, says Poorna Malavath

aditi new new

Poorna Malavath (left) with Aditi Inamdar

poorna family

The Malavath family


Director Rahul Bose

Actor-director Rahul Bose recently, held a special screening of his directorial venture, Poorna for the reel and real-life Poornas and their families, along with Poorna’s mentor and guide, Praveen Kumar and his family. Poorna Malavath, who created history by reaching the Mount Everest at the age of 13 and on whom the film has been made, said, “Seeing the movie I really broke down and I think it’s just superb, fantastic, mind blowing and unbelievable! Aditi did a very good job and she put in so much of hard work. I remembered my journey.” Aditi Inamdar plays Poorna in the film.

Poorna also had a special message for everyone. “First, hard work is important and everyone must use the opportunity given to them. Girls can do anything. Actually I wanted to prove ki ladkiyan kuch bhi kar sakti hain.” Poorna’s parents were seen extremely emotional and were at a loss of words to express their feelings as they watched their daughter’s journey on screen. Her father overwhelmingly said, “Film dekhhe toh bahut
achcha laga!”

Praveen felt utmost pride while watching the film. He said, “One of the best biopics I have seen in my entire life. From the bottom of my heart I thank Rahul and team Poorna. In every department they have reached Mount Everest! We always believed that the gap between the richest and the poorest was just an opportunity. I have no words to describe the gratitude I have for Rahul and his team, because expedition is one thing, but making it known to the entire world is something else! Eight billion people will watch and know their journey.”

Aditi who came for the screening with her mother, said, “I watched the film and I was very happy to see myself on screen and I really cried after watching it. It’s going to be the most memorable moment of my life.” Her mother was by her side to support her and was extremely proud of her performance. She shared, “Aditi ko dekh ke rona aaya. Story toh bahut inspiring hai. Poorna ka life sketch Aditi ne bahut achchi tareeke se kiya hai, it was very very touching. What Praveen Kumar is for Poorna, Rahul Bose is for Aditi.”

Rahul, who has left no stone unturned in spreading awareness about Poorna’s journey and making the biopic in spite of facing a lot of challenges during the shoot was seen expressing his heartfelt gratitude to everyone and also revealed his upcoming plans to spread the film all around the globe. He said, “When people came out, especially from Poorna’s village, they told me that they were moved and they loved and their hearts were touched. That was a very emotional moment for me because that’s what I was looking forward to hearing for so many months. We are having a theatrical release across the country in about twenty-four cities, but about two months after that we are going to go digital.”

And he added, “It will be open to anyone in the world. We’re not restricting it to a few theatres overseas like most films. We are opening this to anyone and everyone on the planet who has the possibility of a digital connection. Once that finishes, I have personally assured people that I will be happy to give you pen drives and DVDs so that they can spread this film in the smallest villages across the country with my permission.”

Poorna releases on March 31.


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