Planet Marathi OTT Launches The First Ever Marathi Pay Per View ‘Ticket Window’

Missing out on the ‘first day – first show’ experience of your favourite Marathi films? Planet Marathi OTT launches the first-ever pay-per-view platform for Marathi Films

It is high time Marathi films are recognized for their awesome content making way for talented Marathi artistes getting their due. Planet Marathi’s CMD Akshay Bardapurkar is on a mission to make this happen. At first, he announced the launch of an exclusively Marathi OTT platform that curates and streams exclusively Marathi content for a global audience, and now he announces the launch of ‘the ticket window’, a select pay-per-view format of the movie experience! Yes, it is a first-ever OTT platform to enable the ‘first day – first show’ experience, especially for the Marathi films.

Akshay Bardapurkar and Aditya Oke (left)

Akshay Bardapurkar, CMD, and Aditya Oke, COO, jointly announced their plans to open their Ticket Window segment under the Planet Marathi OTT platform. While talking about the same both Bardapurkar and Oke said, “We are initiating the ‘pay-per-view’ model falling under the ambit of Planet Marathi OTT. It means that the ticket windows will open up for our audiences to purchase their online tickets and watch their favorite movie online at a one time fee like never before!”

They confirmed the segment is named Planet Marathi Digital Theatre which will be available to the audience as early as the first week of September, 2020. Planet Marathi has been always been ahead of the industry when it comes to aggregation and promotion of Marathi content in different formats.

While talking about what inspired his passion project Akshay opens up, “The Maharashtra film body recently announced in a press release appealing producers to release/sell their films digitally due to the COVID-19 impact. Producers are facing insurmountable losses and it was only natural that producers will try to stay afloat with the help of OTT’s in these trying times”.

Akshay further added, “We have to be agile and adapt quickly in this industry, as soon as we got to know that the film body has taken this stance, taking a cue from them we decided to act as fast as possible and make available a part our platform wherein audience will be able to log in – purchase tickets – and watch their favorite film every Friday”.

Answering the questioning “which movies are going to be premiered?”, Aditya replied, “We have an array of films, a lot of producers are ready to launch their films digitally on our platform but for now, we can’t reveal which films are lined up for a digital release. If you look at Planet Marathi’s commitment to the people and its supportive nature towards the industry we are surely hitting a bullseye with our OTT and the array of features we have under it”. Akshay signs off saying, “Forget Marathi I don’t think anyone has matched anything like Planet Marathi Digital Theatre even for the Hindi industry”

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